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Our firm specializes in breach of contract issues across the State of Georgia.

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  • Trying to figure out how to terminate a contract?
  • Wanting to sue the other party for breaching the contract?
  • Looking to amend a contract to protect changing circumstances?
  • A homeowner that paid a contractor for work that was not completed?
  • A commercial tenant trying to select favorable lease terms for your business?

If you are dealing with one of the above scenarios, our firm can help by providing a highly skilled lawyer specializing in breach of contract law.

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Schedule an appointment and share your case details with an attorney experienced in breach of contract law in Georgia. By reviewing documents, the attorney can provide you with answers to the most frequently asked questions, including: 

  • What type of claims can I pursue?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses in my case?
  • Can I ask the opposing party to reimburse my attorney’s fees?
  • What amount of damages could I recover in my case?
  • How can I resolve this issue most effectively?
  • How long do I have to file a lawsuit?

Our office specializes in breach of contract issues.

What type of contract cases do we handle?

Residental Leases

Before you sign a lease for your next home, have your lease reviewed.

Commercial Leases

If your a business owner, one of your largest expenses is your commercial lease space. Make sure the contract fits your business needs.

Rent-to-Own Leases

Understand the law for rent-to-own contracts, including clauses that are unenforceable in Georgia.

Contractor Contracts

Don’t hire a general contractor to work on your home without negotiating a contract to protect your interests.

Vendor Contracts

Ensure that any vendors used by your business have adequate legal protections if the relationship sours.

Business Contracts

Before you sign your name on the dotted line, have an attorney review the contract to protect your interests.

Breach of Contract Law

Contracts are a part of our everyday lives: opening a bank account, upgrading a smartphone, or signing a new lease. Most of the time we sign contracts electronically, by checking a box “agreeing to the terms and conditions” without reviewing and understanding the contract terms. Usually, the terms and conditions of these contracts do not become known until there is a problem.

Contract Drafting

As a breach of contract firm, our office often encounters breach of contract issues on behalf of our clients after the contract is signed. But, the best way to avoid having to sue someone or being sued by someone is to have a detailed, nuanced contract drafted to protect your interests BEFORE a problem arises.

Why should I pay to have an attorney draft a contract for me?

Poorly drafted contracts cost you more in the long run.

Online contracts are not updated to reflect changes in the law. Outdated law can make your contract unenforceable or create complex legal problems for you in the future.

One-size does not fit all in contracts.

Online contracts provide a one-size-does-not-fit-all solution for your nuanced legal problem. Your legal matter and unique concerns can be protected by a contract drafted specifically for you.

Nuance matters.

Chances are that you have missing clauses that are key in your low-cost contract template.

Our office has successfully negotiated settlements and voided contracts altogether because of self-drafted contracts.

Contract Review

Some contracts or transactions are not negotiable. In the law, we call these ‘contracts of adhesion’ because either you agree to the terms or you want away from the transaction. In these cases, you should consult with a breach of contract attorney to understand key terms prior to signing the contract.

Commonly Answered Questions:

  1. How do I terminate the contract? What fees do I have to pay if I terminate the contract?
  2. What type of warranties are available? Under what circumstances can a warranty be voided?
  3. How can I resolve disputes with the other party?

Breach of contract Litigation: Can I sue for breach of contract?

If you are unable to resolve your breach of contract dispute, you can sue the breaching party in the appropriate court. In a breach of contract case, it is important to have an experienced attorney to assert your claims and help you obtain all available damages.


2022 Client Win

Damages Awarded: $38,000.00 Judgment against General Contractor for damage caused during backyard renovation
Total Judgment: $38,000.00 (Litigation judgment acquired in 2022)

Contract Drafting

What are the benefits of having a contract drafted by an experienced attorney?

In Georgia, there are different laws for residential and commercial tenants. If you download a free lease from a website, chances are you have clauses that are unenforceable in the state of Georgia. A detailed contract can ensure that you:

(1) Minimize disruption to your business operations
(2) Protect your financial investment or business relationships
(3) Streamline the best way to resolve conflicts and disputes when they arise

The best protection against being hauled into an expensive legal battle is to clearly state what each party is responsible for at the beginning of the business relationship.

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