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Our firm has experience working with parents and helping them understand IEPs (individualized education program).  IEPs are structured education plans designed to provide meaningful access to children with disabilities, per the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Parents have rights to protect their child's education including the right to:

(1) Consent to the evaluation of your child

(2) Have an independent evaluation of your child, if you disagree with the assessment 

(3) Attend and participate in all IEP Meetings

(4) File a complaint if your concerns are not adequately addressed by the school

Parents are empowered to file a complaint via the state dispute resolution process or a due process claim in front of an administrative law judge or federal court. If you are having problems navigating this process, please contact us to discuss your case further.

Title VI Matters:
Racial Discrimination in Education

Our office also handles Title VI matters. Title VI prohibits racial discrimination at any educational institution receiving federal funds, including universities, public schools, and some private schools.  Some examples of Title VI discrimination matters may include:


  • Discriminatory Punishment

  • Behaviors and policies that fuel the School-to-Prison Pipeline

  • Denial of access to school resources


If a school, through the actions of its teacher and administration, provides harsher or longer punishments (in-school suspension, expulsion) to black or brown students for the same behaviors or violations. Sometimes, discrimination in education appears in subtle ways such as a lack of tolerance for certain races of students, an unwillingness to help certain groups of students, microaggressions that make certain groups of students feel unwelcome in the classroom, or racially derogatory comments.

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