Our Fees

Our firm values transparency.  To this end, we've created simple-to-understand billing with explanatory details to help you understand how we're spending our time for your benefit.   


We utilize a variety of billing methods including:

  1. Hourly Billing (Sliding Scale, Retainer Required)

  2. Flat Rate Billing (Including Limited Scope Representation)

  3. Contingency

  4. Mixed Billing Structures 

Attorney's Fees

Initial Consultation

Let's make sure our firm is a good fit.  Schedule a complimentary 15-minute session with me to discuss your legal issue.  Sessions beyond 15-minutes will be billed at the hourly rate.

Free 15 minute consultation, billed hourly thereafter

Sliding Scale Hourly Rates

Our firm charges $250 per hour for legal services.  However, to make our services more accessible, we provide a sliding scale based on verifiable income.

$100-250 (excl. taxes) per hour

Flat Rate Billling

Our firm charges flat rates for limited scope representation (i.e. contract review, non-litigation representation, and legal counseling).  **Please note that some types of cases are not suitable for flat rate billing.**

$250+ per service

Contingency Fee Arrangements

A contingency fee arrangement is where the attorney is paid from the proceeds of the case settlement or judgment.  This type of arrangement is common in civil rights litigation, but requires the firm to take on most of the risk associated with litigation.  The firm may require a retainer to cover the costs of litigation (i.e. filing fees, printing/mailing fees, etc.).  Please see the example below for illustrative purposes only.

Settlement Amount: $100,000

Litigation Costs: $8,000

Attorney's Fees: $30,000

Net to Client: $62,000

30% of Award + Costs of Litigation

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