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Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights was envisioned over 20 years ago by a young girl dedicated to understanding institutional social inequities. Her exposure to the criminal injustice system, the school-to-prison pipeline, and prison industrial complex led her to discover the ways in which law played a role. This firm is the manifestation of her vision to provide accessible representation for equitable results.

Our office embraces a culture of equity, which recognizes that more resources (financial, social, emotional, mental, spiritual, and legal) are necessary to enable transformative growth for the individual and community. Our firm names and acknowledges institutional racism, its impact on generational wealth and perpetual poverty (via home ownership, educational opportunity, discriminatory pay, and decreased opportunities), particularly in communities of color.

To this end, our office specializes in two types of cases: Civil Rights Litigation & Landlord Tenant Cases.

Our Vision

Our firm was established to provide zealous legal advocacy to the communities who need it most.  We seek to influence meaningful social change by using the law as a means to do so.

Ultimately, we desire the following:

Our Vision
Constitutional protections that are respected and enforced without discriminatory application.
Educational opportunities that provide nuanced plans for students with special needs, the elimination of discriminatory punishment and a militarized school environment.
Right to Work. Employment in a place that pays equal pay for equal work, without discriminatory influence.
Safe, Affordable Non-Discriminatory Housing for tenants and homeowners.

A lawyer’s either a social engineer, or he’s a parasite on society.”

Charles Hamilton Houston

What’s it like working with our office?


Value 01. Access

Accessibility via Flexible Hours. Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights values providing meaningful access to people with different work and family schedules. To that end, Edmonds Law Office has non-standard work hours on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays. Legal services are also available outside the posted business hours by appointment.

Accessibility via plain language. Instead of legalese, our firm uses plain language to explain strategy, legal documents, and the scope of our representation.

Accessibility via Billing. Our firm uses new age billing methods to include: flat rate services, sliding scale hourly services, contingency-based fee agreements, and combination billing.


Value 02. Equity

Our firm uses legal advocacy to achieve equitable outcomes. Edmonds Law Office of Civil Rights acknowledges that the law has had an instrumental and primary role in creating disenfranchisement. At the same time, the law has been used to correct oppressive laws and expand rights. We value holistic, intersectional lawyering to achieve profound, equitable outcomes.

We specialize in two types of cases: discrimination and landlord tenant matters. Our office will work diligently with you to determine the closest and highest form of justice, as determined by you.


Value 03. Client-centered, trauma informed lawyering

Angelik obtained her Juris Doctorate from UCLA School of Law, where she obtained a specialization in Critical Race Theory. Critical Race Theory is the study of race, law, and power dynamics.

Our firm prides itself on building relationships with clients based in transparency and compassion. Our firm has extensive experience and training working with clients experiencing trauma. We adjust our interviewing, investigation, and case strategy accordingly.

Edmonds Law Office wants to ensure that our firm is a good fit for you. To this end, we thoroughly explain our approach, our analysis of your case, client expectations, and what you can expect from us.