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Landlord Tenant Law

Landlord Tenant Law: Eviction Defense

The Atlanta Metro area is one of the fastest growing cities, and it's growth rate is out-pacing affordable housing.  As a result, many families have been forced into sub-standard housing conditions including leaks, mold, and other health compromising issues.  It is illegal for landlords to allow tenants to remain in such conditions after receiving notice of the issue(s).

Our firm is experienced in helping tenant's assert their rights and navigate complex landlord-tenant matters.  If you have been served an eviction notice, you will need to consider the following:

(1) Why are you being evicted?  Is the landlord's reason true? Is there evidence to support it?

(2) Did the landlord follow proper procedures? Were you given notice and proper service?

(3) What defenses can you raise? (Failure to Repair, Retaliation, Prior Agreement)

Landlord Tenant Law: Slumlord Litigation

Although procedures must be followed to complete a legal eviction,  some landlords evict tenant's illegally. 

It is illegal to:

(1) remove a tenant's items from the residence without following the proper legal procedures

(2) change a tenant's unit locks

(3) turn off a tenant's utilities 

If you've been illegally evicted, you may be entitled to damages for your lost property.