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Legal services and landlord representation to resolve landlord/tenant conflicts and protect your investment. Book a consultation to...

• Review your documents
• Determine if you have a case against your tenant
• Get a strategy to win
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It’s your property.

And you have rights to protect your rental investment.

Edmonds Law Office helps you manage your property while minimizing negative repercussions, including handling tenant evictions and getting your rent money.

Hi, I’m Angelik.

Your  Atlanta Landlord Attorney who  gets results

We’re a boutique law firm specializing in business and landlord representation. My team and I help landlords just like you handle conflicts with difficult tenants. Whether it’s evictions, problems with contracts, unpaid rent, or property destruction, we can help.

If you’re ready to have an experienced team at the front leading the charge for your case, then book a detailed 60-minute consultation to see how best to protect your property. This consultation will give you:

• A review of your documentation
• A clear idea of the merits of your case
• A customized strategy to get you the outcome you desire

Atlanta Business Attorney Angelik Edmonds sitting at Edmonds Law Office.

The longer you wait to act, the more money, time, and property you lose.

How much more are you willing to lose before you take action?

Atlanta Business Attorney Angelik Edmonds sitting at Edmonds Law Office.

Now you might be wondering, why not a free consultation?

Some lawyers offering free consultations need to turn you into a client to get paid. This means that free call is really just about selling their services, not making sure you have a case and reviewing your documents. After all, how much can you discuss on a free 10-minute call?

With us, that 60-minute consultation...

• Takes a thorough look at the tenant issues you’re facing
• Allows us to review the documentation you have on hand – not just listen to what you say, but look at the facts and assess them
• Tells you whether you have a case that warrants engagement of a landlord defense attorney
• Enables you to walk away with a strategy to get the results you want

David P.

I recently had the privilege of retaining Attorney Angelik Edmonds to represent me for a dispossessory case in which I was attempting to evict a tenant for non payment of rent. As this was my first dispossessory proceeding, I was somewhat nervous and apprehensive about the process and the potential outcome. Attorney Edmonds was instrumental in helping me understand the law and my rights as a landlord. She and her staff (Paula is amazing) ensured that I was clear on the legal options available to me and the impact of any decisions I made subsequently. Paula was extremely knowledgeable, concise, and straight forward at all points through the process, making it very easy and comfortable to work with them. The overall experience was pleasant and enjoyable. Unlike other lawyers I've encountered that have made me feel like it's all about the money, Attorney Edmonds was professional and showed in her approach and actions that what I was paying for was experience, strong legal knowledge, and above all quality service. This was evident in the outcome of my case, which I won. I must say, all of my expectations were met and exceeded and I'm extremely grateful to Attorney Edmonds for her help, guidance, and support!!!!

David H.

I only utilized Angelik's expertise to help draft a tenant lease, but it was a very easy process and gave me a lot of peace of mind that my legally binding contract with prospective tenants will keep me protected as much as possible.

I did not get charged any extra fees or penny-pinched for extra minutes or emails which was very much appreciated as well as the expertise that was provided.

We’ll address these issues and more as your Georgia landlord-tenant lawyer.

✓ Evictions
Have a tenant who breached your rental arrangement? We work with landlords to facilitate evictions within the confines of the law to protect their properties from difficult tenants.
✓ Contracts
Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from having your assets well-protected. Get rental contracts and leases without loopholes that will not contravene Georgia and Federal laws.
✓ Tenant-Landlord Disputes
Resolve disputes before they get to the courtroom. And if they do get there, have representation that’ll increase your odds of a favorable outcome.


You’re not a case number to us.

People matter. You matter. Your unique situation matters. That’s why a one-size response cannot fit all when it comes to tenant disputes.

That’s why we take such a comprehensive approach to our initial consultations. Let’s determine how to make the best outcome for you.


Not quite sure if a consult is right for you?

Working with Edmonds Law Office means... don’t have a slum property’ve done your best to ensure your clients have a safe space to live’re tired of dealing with non-responsive, disruptive tenants and want to take back control of the situation

A business meeting

Our Process At a Glance

Legal advice without the legalese
We’re straightforward with our advice and ensure you understand everything related to your case.
Clear strategy built on experience
We analyze your case, the laws, and provide a customized legal strategy to ensure you get the outcome you desire.
Responsive and communicative
You stay informed at all stages of the process, so you know what’s done, what’s next, and what to expect. And our secure client portal lets you access this and more information at any time.


How much more are you willing to give up before you take back control of the situation and get the right landlord defense attorney to protect you and your assets?

Not quite ready to schedule your call?

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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