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What happens if you receive an eviction notice after seeking protection under the CDC order?

If you have sought protection under the CDC Eviction moratorium, you are protected from eviction for non-payment of rent through the extended deadline of June 30, 2021 if you meet the order's guidelines.

Q1) I have already completed eviction court, what should I do?

If you have completed an eviction hearing, act quickly to extend your protections under the extended deadline. Provide an updated copy of the declaration to your landlord. You may also want to file the declaration with the court. You want to be sure that the court is aware of your desire to seek protection under the CDC order, prior to the signing of a writ of possession.

Q2) My landlord is trying to evict me for a reason other than non-payment of rent. What is the first step?

Please be sure to review the eviction process in the chart below. You will need to prepare your response (defense) to any allegations in the dispossessory affidavit.

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