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Legal services and representation to protect your rights as a tenant. Book a consultation to...

• Review your documents
• Determine if you have a case against your landlord
• Get a strategy to win
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As a tenant you have certain rights.

Knowing those rights and enforcing them requires legal expertise. Edmonds Law Office will work with you to resolve landlord tenant conflicts when your rights are breached.

Hi, I’m Angelik.

An  Atlanta Tenant Attorney who  gets results

Edmonds Law is my boutique law firm helping tenants protect their residential rights. My team and I have helped tenants just like you void poorly written contracts, get better living conditions, and get damages for unlawful evictions.

If you’re ready to work with a team that goes the extra mile for our clients, then book a detailed 60-minute consultation call where we will:

• Review your lease, and other documentation
• Discuss the merits of your case
• Identify a customized strategy that can get you the results you want

Atlanta Business Attorney Angelik Edmonds sitting at Edmonds Law Office.


Your legal representation could be enough to compel your landlord to act reasonably.
If that’s not the case, then we aggressively defend your rights.

Atlanta Business Attorney Angelik Edmonds sitting at Edmonds Law Office.

Why not a free consultation, you might ask?
Many lawyers offering free calls aren’t actually looking out for your best interest. Their goal is to get paid – and that can only happen if you’re a client. Plus, those free calls are often only 10-20 minutes max, and may not be with the lawyer you'll be working with.

With us, that 60-minute consultation...

• Takes a deep dive into the issues you’re facing
• Reviews all the documentation you have on hand – not just listen to
what you say, but look at the facts
• Let’s you know whether you have a case that warrants the
engagement of a tenant defense attorney
• Enables you to walk away with a strategy to get the results you want


Ashley M.

I HIGHLY recommend Edmonds Law Office for legal services. They are extremely customer-oriented they listen to all of your needs and concerns and they offer in detail counsel about your case to prepare you should anything come up in court. This is not your typical “black-owned business” this law firm and its associates are PROFESSIONAL! I am so blessed found them!

Daniel T.

I hired Edmond Law Office to deal with a lack of better terms a "slum landlord" which she took over from another law firm that I hired to help us deal with this slum lord who was trying to keep my security deposit and had been very off putting since we moved in which included they didn't even bother to clean and turn the house from the previous tenants and a bunch of other things.

Jeremy J.

Attorney Edmonds gets results!! I wasn’t sure if I had a case or not. Not only did she explain why I had a case, she walked me through what to expect so I was always informed. I could not have asked for a better attorney to represent me. Forever grateful to her.

We’ll address these issues and more as your Georgia tenant-landlord lawyer.

✓ Evictions
Get the right arguments to support your case in the event of an unlawful eviction or eviction court proceedings. Tenants with attorneys are far less likely to be evicted than those who don’t have one.

✓ Tenant Leases
Find out if your lease contradicts state laws, how to get your landlord to complete repairs, and how to terminate a lease without penalty.

✓ Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Many tenants lose in the battle against their landlords. This doesn’t have to be you. Work with a landlord-tenant attorney who can resolve your conflicts – inside and out the courtroom.


You’re not a case number to us.

People matter. You matter. Your unique situation matters. That’s why a one-
size response cannot fit all when it comes to landlord disputes.

That’s why we take such a comprehensive approach to our initial consultations. Let’s build a strategy on how to handle your tenancy dispute.


Not quite sure if a consult is right for you?

Working with Edmonds Law Office means...’ve adhered to the requirements of your contract as best as possible’re not taking illegal action to get back at your landlord that could also land
you in hot water’re tired of being reasonable and want legal representation to get the issue
resolved once and for all

A business meeting

Our Process At a Glance

Legal advice without the legalese
We’re straightforward with our advice and ensure you understand everything related to your case.
Clear strategy built on experience
We analyze your case, the laws, and provide a customized legal strategy to ensure you get the outcome you desire.
Responsive and communicative
You stay informed at all stages of the process, so you know what’s done, what’s next, and what to expect. And our secure client portal lets you access this and more information at any time.


Just knowing that a tenant has legal representation is
enough to compel some landlords to act reasonably.
When that’s not the case, we are here to aggressively
defend your rights.



Not quite ready to schedule your call?

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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