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About Edmonds Law Office

You don’t need in-house counsel or multiple lawyers to support
your business. Or to be relying on one-size-fits-all contract templates with massive loopholes putting your business at risk.

You just need one qualified outside general counsel for your
Atlanta service-based business.

Straight to the Point(s).

Legal Advice without the Legalese

You will receive straight-forward, easy to understand advice and counsel based on your goals and priorities. We value transparency, so we post our prices on our website.

No confusion here.

You will know what's going on with your case at all times.

We leverage technology to keep you 'in the know.' Dates, deadlines, drafts of pleadings, and secure communication occurs in the encrypted client portal. We get back to our clients within 72 hours.

One size doesn't fit you.

You will receive a custom legal strategy to accomplish your goals.

We'll assess your case and provide you with options.  You tell us what you want to accomplish, and we'll craft a strategy to get you there.

Clear Expectations.

You will know what to expect from us and what we expect from you.

We set clear expectations, so you know when your work product will be finished, what a realistic timeline to settle a case is, and what we need from you to get started on your case.

About Edmonds Law Office

A boutique law firm based in Atlanta, GA, we work with business owners, landlords, and tenants to protect their rights.
We’re small enough to get to your business inside out yet experienced enough to tackle any size case.

We leverage in-house litigation and trial experience to help business owners like you avoid the courtroom. Our vast
experience saves clients hundreds of thousands of dollars from poorly drafted contracts.

Our wraparound legal service allows you access to all the legal support needed to manage and scale your business.
That includes contract drafting, negotiation, mediation, litigation, trial support and more.

You manage your business legal budget, and you have us on call as needed.


We are your voice on paper or in the courtroom. We put your
best interests first.

We deliver clear strategies and solutions to guide you in making an informed decision.

We’re partners in your fight for your rights, in growing and protecting your business.

J. Quinn

Attorney Edmonds works hard for her clients. The Edmonds Law Office is a law office with integrity!

Toshia D.

I made the right choice in choosing Edmonds Law and I would and have highly recommended their services to others that have faced injustices.

Summer T.

Very good firm, communication is top notch! Thanks for everything!

Up to 10X more money

After our office is retained, on average we increase pre-engagement settlement amounts to 10X the amount before we were engaged.


In 2022, we helped our clients save over $100,000 by voiding contracts with unenforceable loopholes.

359 contracts

Last year, we reviewed over 359 contracts.  We're familiar with the terms that are not enforceable in Georgia courts.

150 happy clients

In 2022, we served over 150 clients in various business, contract, landlord tenant, and civil rights matters.

Your Atlanta Attorney for Business, Contracts, & Landlord/Tenant Representation
What types of cases do we handle?


All things contract-related.

Check if your self-drafted or free
contract template is enforceable.
Schedule a business consultation to
review up to ten pages of your
contract. Let’s find the loopholes and
get a strategy to resolve it quickly.


Outside General Counsel.

Avoid the hassle of juggling different
attorneys for business support.
Our wraparound legal services include
formation, contract review, drafting,
negotiation, and litigation. Trust us -
from contract to courthouse.


Representation in a Landlord or Tenant Case.

If you are a Georgia landlord or tenant,
let's talk about your case.
We provide representation for
evictions, eviction defense, security
deposits, failure to repair, breach of
contract, lease review and drafting.

Our promise to you

We advise on average 20% of our
potential clients that attorney’s fees
would likely exceed the value of
their case.

If it’s not in your best interest, we
will let you know.

A law practice built on values
We do the right thing even when no one is watching.
We spend the time to dot the I’s and cross the T’s to ensure every client gets the attention and quality service they deserve.
We go the extra mile in support of our clients’ rights.

Forget the legal guesswork

And the weeks and months of trial and error. Start the next phase of your
business growth on the right path to propel your business even further.

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