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Negotiating Employment Severance Packages the Right Way

If you’ve recently been laid off or terminated from your job, you may be entitled to a severance package. Though it can be tempting to handle the negotiations on your own and save money, negotiating a severance package without an attorney can cost you in the long run. Let’s take a look at why it pays to have legal representation when going through a layoff.

What is a Severance Package?

A severance package is compensation given to an employee after they are laid off or terminated from their job. It typically includes payment for unused vacation days, health insurance coverage for a certain period of time, and/or outplacement services that help you find another job. In some cases, there may also be additional compensation given in exchange for signing away certain rights (such as your right to sue the company).

Why You Need an Attorney

When it comes to negotiating a severance package, having an attorney on your side can be invaluable. An experienced employment attorney will know what kind of compensation is fair and typical in Georgia and can help ensure that you get the best deal possible. They will also understand any potential legal ramifications of agreements between yourself and the company, such as non-disparagement clauses or confidentiality agreements. In addition, they will know how to negotiate with employers so that you get a favorable settlement rather than just taking whatever is offered.

The Benefits of Working with an Employment Attorney

Working with an attorney during negotiations means that your interests are represented by someone who understands both employment law and negotiation tactics. This means that not only will you get the best possible deal for yourself, but also that no matter what happens during negotiations, you will come out on top in the end. Not only does this give you more leverage during negotiations, but it also ensures that any agreement made is legally binding and enforceable—something which can be difficult if handled alone without legal expertise.

Get to the Point: Negotiating with employers without legal representation can leave money on the table or worse yet lead to unfavorable terms being set forth in the final agreement; however hiring an attorney for help can provide peace of mind knowing that all facets of negotiation were taken into consideration when reaching a resolution. Therefore when negotiating employment severance packages it pays to have someone knowledgeable about Georgia state laws on your side ensuring that all options are explored so money isn't left behind in unfavorable terms!

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